Tuesday, May 16


Thought of the Day:  Its what you learn after you know it all that counts.


School will be dismissed after lunch today and at 12:30 on Wednesday.


Teachers if you have students that need to finish tests today let me know and I will send them 1st or 2nd hour so you can get your grades turned in asap.


Mrs. McMinn’s 5th hour class will go to Mrs. Metheny’s today.


Classes will be with their homeroom teachers tomorrow morning until the assembly.  7th grade in Health room, 8th grade in Mrs. Metheny’s classroom, 9th grade in Mrs. Mafnas’s classroom, 10th grade in Mr. Lell’s, and 11th grade in Mrs. Walker’s


8th grade graduation will be Wednesday at 10 am, immediately followed by the HS awards assembly.

Lunch today:  Cooks Choice